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New Sample!

2008-04-04 17:15:44 by browndj3

Yeah, so I've got a new sample up! Go me! It's still not exactly wonderful, cause I'm kind of out of it, but I just felt the need to do something to kill time, and what better way to do that than to voice act? There probably are some.... meh, no worries. Anyway, here it is.

Until next time....... I'm out.

Free Samples

2008-02-11 13:59:31 by browndj3

Well, I just uploaded my first sample onto newgrounds. It's still rough, and it's definantly not all the voices I can do, but I will make more. Check it out, and if you need my voice acting, send me a message and I'll help you out.


And we're back!

2008-02-06 19:59:08 by browndj3

Well, had to restart the English course. That really set me back, screwed me up, and various other bad things. However, I don't care. I'm back doing voice acting, and that's that. Need my services? Ask me, and I'll see what I can do for you.


Well, here's the deal. I've got an English course that I have... *looks at watch* Ah, right, about 2 weeks to complete. After that, I should be able to get back voice acting. I don't even know why I'm bothering to update this, however, because I don't think anyone reads it, but still. For anyone who needs a voice actor, talk to me. I'm back and willing to start taking jobs, however I won't be able to work on them for a while. Thanks everyone!



2007-12-02 17:09:43 by browndj3

Well, I doubt anyone is going to read this, but here it goes. I'm having some issues with school and home and stuff, and I haven't really had a chance to do any voice acting. I feel really bad, because I know I promised some folks that I would help them out. I just hope that they aren't mad at me. And if they are, I'm sorry. I'll get to them when I can, but I don't know when that is.

- D.J.


2007-10-21 11:26:53 by browndj3

I'm pumped! I've got 3 projects that want to use my voice. One is with ChaoGod, another with PicoZX, and another from the VAC. I'm excited, but I still want to see if anyone else wants to use me. And still, probably no one reads this post, except for maybe luke, of course. But if anyone else reads this, if you want a voice actor, send me a message.

Voice Acting

2007-10-20 18:28:16 by browndj3

Well, I'm pretty sure that no one reads this, but if anyone does, I've figured out a way that I can contribute to NG. Voice acting! Ok, I haven't been in any flashes yet, and no, I haven't had any previous experience, but still, it's worth a shot. I act, I can do accents, and I can sing. That has to add up to something.